Woofcast #474

Just some serious catching up on news from MotoringFile. We are all F56 and race cars for you this week. Oh, and that little nugget you see above that Chad snapped a photo of while it was at Detroit Tuned. Speaking of our man Chad, he’s going to be representing WRR at the MINIs on the Mac event next month. Hope that all y’all stop by and say hi!

Woofcast 474:

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  1. I will have to wait to see the f56 in person. I do wonder if it will drive away some of the more hardcore enthusiasts. I will admit that you wont ever find me in an r56 and unless the f56 really surprises me I will be avoiding it as well. To me other than the countryman MINI is not competitive they lost the bottom of the market to fiat and the top of the market to VW. I dislike the pedestrian safety standard mandating sloping noses and that nothing will happen to bikes and trucks will be given an exception if they are going to ruin cars ruin bikes and trucks as well misery likes company.

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