Big show for you guys this week! Gabe joins us to catch us up with a whole bunch of stuff before he headed out for more BMW adventures. We also talked, briefly, about the Tesla Model S (read the BF Model S Quick Drive), the Craven Speed Flex Mounts, that crazy pink Challenger you see above plus a ton of other things. Did I mention it’s a big show this week?

Want bigger? Join us Thursday, shortly after 9:00 PM CST for another episode of White Roof Radio Live! It’s going to be a good time, just like it always is. I’ll even try to warm up the chat room again. Join us!

Woofcast 482:

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6 replies on “Woofcast #482”

  1. That challenger is an abomination. No BMW will compete with the CLS 45 AMG the main obstacle being that at over 300 HP the AMG uses AWD and I just don’t see BMW putting that kind of power into a FWD platform and doubt we will see AWD from them when the SUVs M vehicles are the only M vehicles with AWD.

  2. BTW – don’t use Vaseline to remove a tick. Suffocating the tick might make it throw up while it’s still in your body, leaving all its nasty diseases behind with you. Like Lyme disease.

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