2 replies on “Woofcast #489”

  1. Thanks for the show as always, guys.

    If the masses must speak, I’m pretty sure they would say that db needs to get to 300,000 before selling his Cooper. That’s my intention with my 2013 Cooper (manual). The sales guy asked how long I intended to keep the car, I said 20 years, he laughed.

    I just asked my dealer about availability of the iPhone 5 Lightning cable, and they had no knowledge of it. Is this a regional thing? Or in short supply?

    And lastly, white looks more like primer to me than silver. Dark Silver was a fine color, and the new Eclipse Grey is even better. But I agree that silver is overdone and not very interesting, especially with the ubiquitous black roof.


  2. I for one still use my CD player. It has MUCH better sound quality than my iPhone. AND yes you CAN sell it, you CHOOSE not to.

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