Woofcast #49

Wow! Really sneaking up on that #50 show!

We fight bad connections to bring your our final recap of AMVIV III (the stuff we missed on #46) and the new Motoringfile Grille Badges. Thanks to all of you that have stuck with us for all of these shows, more than This Week in Tech! Gabe is prepping for the dragon, and will be sporting the ‘My Name is Kenny’ badge. Watch for him.

You can get more information about the MF Grille badge here, now shipping internationally!

One final thanks to all of you, and your kind words, while Todd, Michael and I were in Vegas!

Todd did the hard part
He had to earn his money for this show…trust me -db

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  1. OK guys, thanks for the mention. And because of it, I have just added two events to our MitM MINIs in the Mountains event at Copper Mountain in August:

    1. Track Day, August 9th, Pueblo Motorsports Park. Just bring your helmet and $60 cash and come shred your tyres.
    2. Drive-In Movie Night – Just for Todd, in Denver, Sunday evening the 13th before he heads back to KC. Or, we could do it Wednesday night the 9th, on the way thru town. Whatever.

    Just because drive-ins are as much fun as you said, and in a Cabrio, you put the top down, sit in the back seat inverted, and stick your legs out the boot. Neat trick.

    Jonathan Souza


  2. >Track Day, August 9th, Pueblo Motorsports Park. Just bring your helmet and $60 cash and come shred your tyres.

    Track day? Did you say track day? I don’t think any of my collars pop anymore anyway, so now I’m going to have to try to make it!

  3. How about a 50alt show of best & memorable sound bites of Woof and the shows before it was called Whiteroof? To start it off I nominate Todd’s reaction to the cost of the JCW shift knob. And, the entire wheel show – not! Maybe a few out takes too?

  4. Hey my name is Joe.

    I was the guy in the CR/W S that said “you guys were the first pod cast i have listened to” right after the strip run.

    I still love the podcast. Keep it coming!

  5. Guys, just wanted to say that Whiteroof was a major part of my recent JCW purchase. Thanks SO much for al of the information and indirect help! My story is starting to get pretty good, thought I would share. I live in the Bay Area, CA. Ordered in San Deigo. Got a call from my MA today. My car is in transit! I got on a recent boat at the last minute!

    Heres the plan:
    Pickup on May 8, drive to Vegas, party with LIAM, drive to LA and M7 tuning for new grills (and who knows what else), drive to Santa Barbara and relax, drive home, having gotten through break in in 3 days (before I ever get the car home). Sleep at home and then hit Big MINI track day at Thunderhill on the 11th…

    Who on NAM: Katmeho

    Location: Bay Area, CA

    Car: 2006 MCS JCW

    Car Name: LIAM – A very English name, and after one of the more snarky lead singers of all time… A pisstake? Maybe, but my LIAM will be a bruiser, a smokin, drinkin, make your sh!te little brother do all the hard work while you make with all his model girlfriends type of track monkey car….that I use to drive to work and Laguna Seca!

    Spec: DGw; Sport Chrono, R99’s w/ Goodyear F1’s; JCW suspension, JCW strut, audio aux input

    Ordered Date: 3/06/06

    Built on Date: 3/20/06

    Shipped Date: 4/1/06

    Delivery Date: est 4/22/06

    Vessel Name / Departure Date: NYK Orion Diamond 4/1/06

    Port of Delivery: Port Hueneme, CA – picking up from San Deigo, CA

    Miles at delivery:

    Breakin complete Date:


  6. ok – I have to make a comment.
    It really sounded like DB said that the Colorado chain of dams and lakes all have Indian names – Powell? Page?

    Also – PLEEEEZE fix the audio levels!!! I nearly had a heart attack switching from #49 to TWIT in my car today.

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