It’s this weeks abbreviated version of The Woofcast, it’s the Todd show. GP stuff, F56 Stuff and car sounds stuff. Plus the speed round of “What’s up with our MINIs”! Good stuff all around! As we mentioned, I was in Phoenix and Todd was in Philly and based on the drunk texts and photos that were flying back and forth, I can tell you that we both had a great time! Hopefully we got to hang out with some of you and if we did, thanks!

Live show this week? Who’s in? Let’s call it shortly after 9PM CST. Watch the usual places for that to happen.

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2 replies on “Woofcast #505”

  1. Quick question for Todd. Is it a lot of trouble for you to transport all your graphics gear for a trip such as the one to Philly? Just curious 😉

    While I haven’t driven the car yet (the dealer was about to close shop) I can echo all of Todd’s comments. The interior is really night and day compare to the two previous generations. The quality is definitely up (BMW standards). For anyone stopping by a dealer, if R56s are still on the lot, just jump into one, get out and jump into a F56. You will see how sticking the difference is.

    While Gabe and Nathaniel said the car look better in real life than in pictures, I would disagree. I like the overall design but I can’t get pass the front overhang/front bumper of the S. Looks a bit better on a Cooper and really good on the Clubman Concept but not on the F56 S.

    I also think this car has to have, at least, 17″ wheels. 16″ make the front overhang bigger and 18″ are perfect.

    1. Alexandre – I usually check the box of graphics and my tools as luggage on my flight with me. I try to fly Southwest because there’s no charge to check the box of vinyl like luggage.

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