On tonight’s episode, db tries to make an echo, MINI factory runs out of paint, Todd drives a MINI with the autopark feature and Chad answers questions. And T-Shirts! For the record, my new favorite size is AWESOME! Of course we do news from Also check out Bigblogg on Facebook for the Thunder Gray/White MINI we were talking about.

From the dept. of corrections, Todd mentioned the issues with having to spend $1,000 to get the back-up camera. There is a memo and the Configurator will be updated in short time most likely. As always, check with your dealer for more details.

If you are looking for #mtts2014 badges, MotoringBadges is the place. Including the 17″ door magnet. If you want the big magnet, order soon! Cut off will be about July 15th if you want it before MTTS. If you would like to help support White Roof Radio, you can click over to our Patreon page. Any amount is greatly appreciated and helps a ton!

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  1. You recommended to Steve in Vegas to sit in his car and to let it cool down before shutting it off not the best solution. The best solution for turbos on shut down is to have a secondary electric oil pump that starts up on shut down of the engine it can take up five minutes for a turbo to spool down and during this time it is not receiving fresh oil to lubricate the bearing these are what goes out in a turbo first. By keeping these oiled on spool down you can make a turbo last the life of the engine.

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