Woofcast #52

Starting the week with news of Todd’s sunroof explosion and a new contest! Musicians at the ready, ’cause we are looking for songs about the MINI! You can beatbox, you can play the kazoo, heck, you can even do it Karoke style, just so long as there are lyrics! Prizes are thusly…

  • 1st prize – Outmotoring Armrest
  • 2nd prize – $50 Outmotoring Gift Certificate
  • 3rd prize – MINI hat and valve stem covers

Send in those songs! You can email them to us or do it, sing-a-long style to the voicemail line. You have until May 1st.

More badges are on the way too (get them here). How about getting us a picture of a badge on a tank? That would be awesome!

All that plus news of the week! Be sure to check back tomorrow for more GP news and Todd’s plans for getting his.

Feedback? Email feedback@whiteroofradio.com OR comment below OR (206) 33-WHITE
Todd did the hard part

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13 replies on “Woofcast #52”

  1. You guys rock! Thanks for the free magnet to those in uniform overseas (check your email for my FPO address). I plan on surprising you with the military equipment I put it on. Pictures arriving soon!

  2. >My god, man. An automatic car wash?!

    It was brushless and the car was DIRTY! Believe me, this particular car wash wasn’t even strong enough to get all the dirt off let alone be hard on my finish. : )

  3. >My god, man. An automatic car wash?!

    My MINI has gone through an automatic car wash twice a week since I got her without any problems. Besides, if you live in a place that has salt on the roads, it’s the best way to get the underside of your car clean and salt free.

    Also, at least here in SoCal, it’s keeps the water police off my back 😉

  4. Todd, where’s the picture of the sunroof?

    And yes Tradd Dozier used to be the MINI service writer at MINI Of Sterling… He knows us and both of the MINIs we’ve owned well.

  5. >Todd, where’s the picture of the sunroof?

    Ask and ye shall receive. Although I’m not Todd.

    Pic is linked above

  6. Hey, I got mentioned! Cool! 🙂 Gabe even pronounced my last name right! And, yes, I am an avid (if often tardy) WRR listener.

    Yeah, that was an awesome track outing. All the waiting around and socializing of an auto-x event, but with the high speeds of a track event. 😉 The 225/50/15 tires do rock (and rub _just_ ever so slightly); my MINIs feet are now nearly as big as my size 14s. They were definitely greasy with those chilly temps, however.

    The three-wheeled AMC we saw was actually an AMX:
    [![AMC AMX](http://static.flickr.com/49/125665237_c16ce44f2b_t.jpg “‘AMC AMX’ on Flickr”)](http://flickr.com/photos/blalor/125665237/)
    We saw the tire separate from the car as it came down the front straight. I was contemplating diving for cover, but Gabe was like “Dood! Get the camera!”. I was too slow on the draw, however.

    I did a 2-day school at Putnam Park with BMWCCA this past weekend, too; it’s official: I’m addicted. I spent the last session fending off an ’06 Lamborghini Gallardo in my run group and was consistently faster than him in the corners, but there wasn’t too much I could do about the 330 HP difference on the straights…. The MINI is an amazingly capable little car, even bone stock, as mine is!

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