News from Motoringfile. News from Autoblog (the new Countryman spy shots). And the new Miata. Oh, and even more about the JDPower survey. And, somehow, poop. Another great show under the White Roof for you this week gang.

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3 replies on “Woofcast #522”

  1. DB hope you ,friends and family are ok after the amount of rain i see on the news . tim from la luz new mexico

    1. Thanks Tim! Some of my friends got some flooding but are ok otherwise. I lucked out and only had to work from home for a few hours while flood waters subsided. Appreciate you checking in!

  2. Todd hits it on the head with the BMW/MINI dealerships that share space. My X1 was cheaper (by over $4K) than a comparably-equipped Countryman. I spoke with Pat McKenna about this during MTTS, and he said it’s a combination of a)competition and b)[BMW]margins.

    My local BMW/MINI dealer has recently gone to separate buildings (across the street from each other). Maybe this will help somewhat, maybe it won’t.

    Another great show, gentlemen.

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