Woofcast #54

So here we are again, another week, another woofcast. Talking about some news, what’s for sale under the whiteroof and Gabe’s new cell phone. Oh yea, plus a FAQ on the badges (which you can get here). We even go a little long tonight, for you that like that sorta thing ;).

Don’t forget the contest! We are looking for that MINI song done anyway you please. Original song, karoke style on the voicemail line, whatever! Cool prizes going out to the winner, so get on it already!

Feedback? Oh, you could comment below. Or you could send us email (feedback@whiteroofradio.com). Or, you could always call us at (206) 33-WHITE. Something though, we are starting to worry.

Todd did the hard part

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16 replies on “Woofcast #54”

  1. Another great episode, guys!

    I hope you get some contestants for you song contest. It would be fun to listen to.

    I, for the sake of humanity, will not participate. You will thank me for that later.

  2. 25,000hp? Aircraft carrier? No. Ubertank? Nada. New JCW MINI? I wish! Try one Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon (aka the “Viper”) with a General Electric F110-GE-100 engine. I can’t find anything official for hp ratings since we deal with pounds of thrust (e.g. 28,000 lbs of thrust), but the GE folks I’ve talked to estimate it at around 25,000hp. I’m not authorized to take a camera up with me in the air, so this’ll be a ground picture. But it should rock.

  3. ahhh 18’s – you guys are dead on – they rule! sadly my jcw 18’s were eaten alive by the new york city roads and only lasted a few months before going back to the s-lites.

    great show dudes – drew

  4. _Re: MINI Song Contest:_ Is there a “one-entry per person” type of limitation on this contest? (Actually working on my 3rd song, then to choose the best one!) //oo\\

  5. Pictures of the new 18’s are in order! Post them so that we all can learn to never go back to S-lites and 17’s. What is my JCW missing?

  6. FYI – MINI Canada sells approx. 2,500 MINIs per year in Canada. And an S is just under a cool Cdn. Million. Taxes, intake and pulley put you over, however.


  7. Test drove a Mini for the first time New Years Day 2004 at a dealership located in a mall in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Not sure if still located there, but it was a bit strange walking into a mall environment to check out a car.

  8. Todd,

    Did you mention your new 18″ set-up weighs just 32 lbs. per corner?
    If so the wheels can only be 12 lbs. each as the Kumhos are 20 lbs. each according to Tire Rack specs.

  9. I’m sorry I mis-spoke. The S-lites with runflats weighed in at 48 1/2 lb. each and the new set-up was 38 1/2 lb.

    The Kazera wheels are 19 lb. and the Kumho site lists the ASX 215/35/18 at 19.9 lb. That’s within a pound anyway of my measurement.

    I shouldn’t be allowed to talk without my notes in front of me. : )

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