Starting off picking on Alex because he won’t stop using Waze and I tell my Waze story. We wish it worked, but Todd started his installation 4 months ago and it’s still not done. Once we finish with that nonsense, Todd tells us about his experience looking at Volvo’s (you’re welcome!). Then, it’s news from [MotoringFile](, mostly about the Clubman as you can expect. Keep an eye out at your dealer to possibly catch a glimpse before the end of October. We also talk about [VW cheating emmissions]( This can only end badly for them, as the stock market today is already starting to show.

We finally have time to share the sounds clips Todd recorded in the F56 MINI Cooper S with JCW exhaust. Don’t forget to get the full [skinny about this upgrade]( that Pedro from []( has been doing to his F56.

Head over to to save [up to 10%]( on selected Alta Performance parts. There are some great pieces there that you must need for you MINI.

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2 replies on “Woofcast #566: Setting Off Car Alarms”

  1. Mississippi – NO we have no dealer. There isn’t a huge population of MINI owners here but it’s growing. I’ve driven a MINI for 10 years and have to travel to one of 3 locations for service, Memphis, B’ham, or Baton Rouge.
    The MINI population would Boom here if we had a local dealer. First question people ask me is, “where do you get that serviced around here?”. When I tell them where, the reply is “Oh . . . . never mind.” Not if you love MINI it wouldn’t be.

  2. False alarm or not, I just want to make sure the things inside my car are safe. So when the alarm sets off and the alarm is false, I make sure I turn it off right away. I know how annoying blaring car alarms left for several minutes are.

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