Woofcast #58

db and Todd catch Gabe on the way to the dragon and talk about what he is taking, who is going with and what he will be doing. Oh yea, and Todd talks about his GP (again!).

Help sponsor Randy Webb race the next two races. Check this NAM thread for details. In case you missed them, we interviewed Randy on Woofcast #9, Woofcast 32 (part 1) and Woofcast 33 (part II).

Keep sending in those submissions for the contest! We are looking for songs about the MINI! Originals or karaoke style. Cool prizes from Outmotoring:

  • 1st place – Outmotoring Armrest
  • 2nd place – Outmotoring $50 gift certificate
  • 3rd place – Cool hat and valve stem covers

If you wouldn’t mind, a vote on The Alley or comment/review in iTunes would be greatly appreciated!

db did the hard part
(yes, he knows he still needs more practice with it 😉 )

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5 replies on “Woofcast #58”

  1. I was waiting to see how long it took until someone noticed. I didn’t catch it myself until I listened a second time. Nicely done.

    Oh yea, Todd was home in KC just as always.

    …and no, you don’t win a prize 😉

  2. Todd,
    You forgot the trailer you saw at Baron. Just wanted to make DB jealous thats all. The tear was parked outside of Gabe’s cabin. There was a constant threat that the Chicago group would move me in the middle of the night, lucky I am a light sleeper.
    Great time had by all.
    Jim Petersen

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