Random Logan’s Run references notwithstanding, we do talk about MINI stuff for this, our first episode of 2019. Welcome to our 15th year of podcasting excellence! We did discuss a few things or I said I would link a few things, so here they are.

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7 replies on “Woofcast 653: Carrousel”

  1. Hey Good People at WRR,

    It seems like episode 653 cuts out a bit early. Will the full version be available?

    (in Poland)

  2. Hi kids –
    Was looking forward to the LEGO segment (I’ve already built my little Rauno) but the show cuts out at 39 minutes.

  3. Long-time listener here, back to 2007 when I bought my 2007 Cooper S. I gotta say: this episode was kind of discouraging to us R56 owners, ya know! But I won’t deny it – it’s been an expensive car to own. I’ve certainly had my share of costly repairs over the years, and I’ve only got 70k on it. But unlike some R56 owners, I’m still positive about the brand. When the car runs well, it’s still a blast to drive!

    I’m finally ready to sell it and get into another Mini – a Countryman, cause I need something a little more comfortable for the next 10 years. And the F60 really balances the comfort and dynamic driving experience in a roomier package. It’s no 2 door hatch, but it’s still fun to drive. To further confirm your comments about the R56 generation, when I mentioned I had a 2007 Cooper S to the salesperson at my local Mini dealer, she said they rarely saw R56 owners coming back to buy another Mini.

    In any case, my question is: My R56 is in very good shape, but it needs new tires and rear shocks. How should I sell it? Trade it in, sell it to CarMax, or fix it up and sell it privately?

    Thanks for all the great shows, guys!

    1. I have to agree with you Lee. I’m on my second R56 based MINI and while the roadster is far superior to the ’07 Cooper I had, I’m still afraid of a major failure that is bound to happen sooner than later. Both car were and have been a blast to drive however!

      I would do the work that needs to be done and try to sell it. 70k is low enough miles that you should be able to get a good price for it on the open market. The problem with trading in is you won’t get the full value for it. That said, if it doesn’t sell, that might be the way to go.

      Thanks for listening!

  4. 15 years?! WOW, Congrats! I’m not proud to say I missed most of that, but I was feeling nostalgic and wanted to listen to a few podcasts from when I started listening to podcasts. You guys and Autoblog are my original podcast loves. Keep up the great work. I’ll be re-subscribing because I don’t even know how I had been unsubbed.

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