Just Chad and I talking about how awesome the R50/R53 was. Gabe joins us for a few minutes to add to it. And Chad gives us some great tips on what we should be doing for care and maintenance of our MINIs since they aren’t getting driven as much as before. At least, mine isn’t.

We talked about a few things, like:

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  1. Don, I had one you would love. It may be available from the guy I sold it to. 2005 Cooper, Black-Eye Purple Metallic all over no white roof, sunroof, (sorry), Holies- wheels, Black leather and red cloth seats. I bought it from the original owner 4-18-18 for $5200. I’m on the interstate constantly and had been a S guy. The Cooper felt like it was working too hard to run at 80, almost 4000 rpm. I drove it a couple months, put about 1200 miles on it and sold it for $5000. I’m in a Roadster S now. If the guy who bought it has kept it as good as it was when I had it you might want to see if he would sell it. It was the tightest MINI I had driven since my wife and I both bought the first S cars in 2002. Let me know if you want his phone number. I’m in Sarasota FL and the car probably still is too. I have a ton of pictures if you want to see it from a couple years ago.
    Thanks for WRR,
    Clarke Clement

    1. Thanks Clarke! I’m not actually in the market for one right now, since I’m still driving the Roadster as well. If the time comes sooner than later, I’ll be sure to let you know!

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