Woofcast #7

db, Todd and Gabe get together and talk about, among other things, OEM wheels…

-Gabe is a lefty
-Seedoo’s handle like MINI’s on the water
MINI2 Wheel/tire FAQ
-Gabe can tell really bad jokes. And, he writes his own material
-Space Blue with horseshoe wheels. Click for gallery
-Options for US Market on Motoringfile
-db wants to toss the horseshoe towards a metal post
-Thanks to all of you that have linked to WRR so far! Listen up to the first 5 minutes, I actually mention you. UkPaul, Kanga, Lokisnake, Lawrence, and of course Gomotoring.com.

Todd did the hard part


9 replies on “Woofcast #7”

  1. I priced out the 17″ R99 (Double Spokes) at my local dealership and just the wheels were under $1000. They might have actually been a wee bit less than $900. Of course there was a 10% club discount applied to the cost.

  2. Cool… Yoda makes an appearance on White Roof Radio…

    “…in the Feedburner top 100 WhiteRoofRadio.com podcast is.”

  3. Great summary of wheels. I was waiting to hear Gade talk about the ride quality of the JCW 18s. What does he think of them as every day drivers and for long freeway drives???

  4. I was listening to your podcast (that BTW I loved it) and I could understand….where you can find a “piles and piles” of S-Lites? did you mention a dealer? if so, which one? I need to replace one S-Lite silver from my mini. Thanks!

  5. Hey JA, thanks for listening!

    Check your dealer first. Sometimes new owners will swap them out before they even get them home.

    Next up I would check the Classified section at NAM.

    Then, do a search @ ebay for MINI Wheels or S lites. You are bound to find a set that someone is looking to get rid of!

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