Woofcast #74

Everything seems to be coming back together after the rebuild. Enough so we actually put down a whole lotta show for you!

Some rants? Sure, we can do that.
Dealer call-outs? Oh yea, you bet.
Dealer shout-outs? Yep Yep

Plus news of the week.

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Keep an eye out for the gallery. Should be done fairly soon.

Todd did the hard part

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8 replies on “Woofcast #74”

  1. Great show as always guys, though I can’t condone the discouraging tone on the Dark Silver. But I can appreciate that you’re just not down with its commonality, not hatin’ on the color. Otherwise, those’d be fightin’ words. Though Todd’s comments about the DS/PS combination were a bit of a surprise. I LOVE that combination (as well I should as I ordered my MCS that way) precisely because it looks so intentional – like using a screen of the dark silver as the contrasting accent color. Thus creating a two-tone effect beyond the simple contrasting white or black. To each their own though. And so far I’ve only seen one other DS MCS in Lincoln / Omaha, so I won’t “see myself coming and going” as Gabe put it. I’m glad for that. I also wanted to do a silver roof no matter what because it’s exclusive to ’06. My original idea was british racing green, but…

    Again, great show as always guys. Love the rants, appreciate the commentary, and viva la MINI.

  2. Nathaniel – no offense, of course, re: not liking the DS/PS combo. I’m a big fan of bold colors on MINIs – duh – even LY!

    Oh well, as you pointed out it’s just an opinion and nobody ever respects my opinion anyway. ; )

  3. LOL – “I tell ya, I get no respect at all” Oh Todd, we respect your opinion…sometimes.

    No offense taken man. To each their own. It was an interesting observation and yeah, different strokes for different folks. If I hadn’t seen pictures of the combo on NAM, I wouldn’t have gone that route with as much confidence. I’m a big silver guy period and that silver-on-silver combo was just too good to pass up once I saw it on an actual car. The interior on my car is the same story – space cloth seats (again, gray on gray), anthracite dash and light gray headliner (more gray on gray), and then the interior chrome package. So it’ll wind up being the grayest MINI in history, but I like it that way. I’ll do some little bits of color here and there (some graphics you and I need to talk about, Todd).

    I also think back to Gabe’s observation about the Traveller Frankfurt concept and how the all-gray really helped show off the design nuance of the car. That’s a big component in my decision to go DS/PS. There’s a lot of great, subtle design inside and out on the MINI and I wanted that to shine through. As much as I love CR and IB and many of the brighter colors available to the MINI, I really wanted to bring out the shape in the monochrome. It’s my Ansel Adams MINI, if you will. The London Fog Package. Ha!

  4. Todd, Gabe, and DB,

    Thanks for the words at the beginning of the Woofcast. I’ve got additional (and better) pictures than the first ones I’ve sent you. Drop me a line whenever ya’ll get a chance. Remember, I’m 8 hours ahead of CST.

  5. NS – your colour scheme sounds beautiful. What would you suggest for a MCSc? I am partial to Pepper White with a Blue Roof after I saw a car that Todd applied some Paul Smith graphics to…

  6. Ooh, for the MCSc I have to say I’m VERY partial to the Hot Orange because of its exclusivity to that car. Combo that with a blue top and maybe some matching blue hood stripes ala Todd and that’d look really sharp. But the Pepper White with the Blue Roof would look awesome too. Color is such a personal choice – it’s what YOU like that really matters.

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