Woofcast #77

We spend some time talking about the last shuttle launch and got a little sidetracked. It didn’t help that db was distracted watching crash videos.

Plus Todd’s GP update and Gabe talks about the JCW car that he just spent a week driving.

I’m sure you might have noticed that we aren’t quite as, um, sharp, as we could be. This wasn’t mentioned in the show, but we will be taking this week off. Don’t worry, we are going to put up some best of shows for you instead and will be back for Woofcast #80!

Todd did the hard part…(no, really. You can trust me this time)

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15 replies on “Woofcast #77”

  1. >Back for Woofcast #80? What about #78 and #79?


    >Don’t worry, we are going to put up some best of shows for you instead and will be back for Woofcast #80!

  2. That’s because feedburner only grabs the feed every 1/2 hour and this has only been live for 10 minutes.

    I did just ping feedburner so it’s in the feed. Usually iTunes updates about 5-30 minutes after that.

  3. And when you finish reconnecting the johnson rod, be sure to check the inline on the rotary girder.

  4. Leaky kaneutenators are a big problem, too. The muffler bearings need to be checked for wear and lubed regularly, and make sure you never run out of blinker fluid!

  5. Make sure the Rectabular Excrusion is tightened both ways on the johnson rod’s Trichotometric Indicator Support, or the unobtanium will fail due to hydrogen embrittlement.

  6. >Rectabular Excrusion is tightened both ways

    Odd, I always was told to only tighten it one way, not both. Thanks for the clarification Rob! 😉

  7. Forget all of the above. Just watch the Rally Crashes. They made my day. I have them playing over and over (sound off) on my computer at work!


  8. Thanks, guys, for the tiny bit of chat re. Cooper Cabrio owners. Todd’s right–we’re out there and would drop a few $$ on mods if anyone would make them! Thanks to Todd’s never-ending MINI knowledge, I’ve got a few new goodies on the way but the selection is tiny.

  9. Did you guys really say that there is no intake for an MCSC? Unless I’m missing something, I’ve got the Alta CAI that Randy put in along with my pulley. Love the whine.

    Maybe I’m missing my Johnson rods and that’s why it fits…

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