WRR Special: MOTD8

Photo courtesy Emily “StoopidGirl” Martian

Todd “Mr I’ll never drink beer again” Pearson and Chad “Mayor of the Dragon” Miller were at the big event this year and lucky for those of us that couldn’t go, Todd took his recorder and talked to some of the event attendees.

If you went how about helping the rest of us out by going over to the WRR Facebook Page to share your pics and stories.

WRR Special: MOTD8

Download | WRR @ iTunes | 14.3MB |31:00

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  1. Don – could the urls for your lightbox artwork be wrong? I’m not getting the art for the close “X”. I just installed this on my site and I had to dig through the css and javascript files to correct some of the urls to my site structure.

  2. Try reloading the page. I fixed this about 5 minutes after Greg’s comment last night and just checked again in Chrome, Safari and Firefox. The graphics are there.

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