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Robert’s Soundseeing Tour #18

dsc03027.jpgRobert has really out done himself this time and think you all will be very pleased!

Robert says.

>I spent part of Saturday at a track 200 kms from Toronto (www.shannonville.com). We met racers from Toronto and Montreal. Yesterday was MINImeet.ca reunion day.

>I recorded amazing sound from the track. Before the rides, in the car (with a pro who talks through the whole track, MINI engine screaming), and after the rides with some of the hobbyist drivers, a passenger and a newbie. And all the while cars are whizzing by in the background.

This was great fun and I hope you all enjoy it!

Don’t forget, Robert is a podcasting machine! You can check him out at the Mobile Movie Minute and his Business Cast. Both are great!

Download | 22:18 | 21.2 MB