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Woofcast #495


Last show of the year. We were live last Thursday, and this is what you missed! Another great show for you guys I think!

Hope every one has a great Holiday! We’ll be back in 2014!

Woofcast 495:

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3 thoughts on “Woofcast #495

  1. Not sure how you guys feel about it but the last season of Top Gear was pretty bad. It’s all “deja vu” and the whole show seems like it’s a chore for the presenters rather than fun. After 20 series they are probably bored but it’s too obvious in my opinion. Change or die.

    1. I have to disagree. I thought series 20 was some of their most entertaining work. There were a few times it felt forced and the lads seemed bored, but there were more times during this series that any other where I laughed out loud. A lot.

      1. Hmm. Let’s agree to disagree then. My complaint is pointless anyways because I know I’ll keep watching until they end or cancel the show. Happy holidays WRR Team!

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