The Story of Woofcast #291

Once upon a time, in a desert far far away, there was a MINI Cooper event called AMVIV. And it was good.

Todd and I were there. You saw the photos and the video, right? I mean, **we were** in Vegas for the whole weekend. Heck, we even did a live show. And that show is the missing Woofcast; number two hundred ninety one. Performed live in front of about 12 people.

A show that Todd and Sherwin both recorded. One via audio, one via video. Great.

Or, maybe not. Todd’s MacBook was unruly that day and produced a recording that sounded like it was filtered through steel wool and crushed brick. When checking the audio from Sherwins camera, it sounded like we woke up after a night of cigar smoking and gargled with coal and razor blades.

To make matters worse, we couldn’t get our schedules together last week to do a show.

I have looked at most of the video and there is some there that’s not horrible that I will be uploading to later in the week.

We will be recording a show this week for sure. It’s looking like Saturday and I’ll try to talk Todd into letting us do it live.

Don’t worry, you can still go over to Motoringfile and catch up on the news, or go through the Archives here. MINI United is coming up, now would be a good time to listen to episodes from ’07 you might have missed.

4 replies on “The Story of Woofcast #291”

  1. Will there be transcripts from the AMVIV show? Perhaps we can just sift through those …

    1. Hey Mark – I’m still working on something here. Hopefully by the end of the week, but the quality on almost all of the audio is really bad.

  2. I was parked right next to you when the broadcast began. Was going to either rev my engine or yell, “Get in the hole!!” so I could hear myself. 🙂

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