Woofcast #280

Final show for 2008. We manage a full crew and everything. And, of course, we end up with a crappy connection. So, apologies around for that extra hiss in this shows recording.

We covered news of the week from Motoringfile.com as usual. It was nice to have Gabe with us tonight and he added quite a bit, as he usually does.

Then a bit of recap of the year that was WRR/MF. We did some really cool stuff this year! If you missed any of it, you can go back and check the MTTS and AMVIV. It doesn’t seem like much, but remember MTTS did stretch over a combined time span of almost 2 weeks!

We hope everyone has a great holiday. We’ll be back next year with more cool stuff and hopefully better sound. One of the things coming back next year will be the event cast, so make sure to pass the word along to your clubs and listen for details after the first of the year.

Woofcast 280:

Download | 22.8MB | 49:49 | WRR @ iTunes

3 replies on “Woofcast #280”

  1. Great show again. It’s amazing to hear the amount of editing between live and the posted version. Talk about a bunch of work – but the end product is always nice to listen to.

  2. Great show, but come on guys. Do y’all drive looking out the rear window? Or spend a majority of your time backing up? My 2005 MCSc has more than ample sight lines and I’m sure the new MCc’s will be different. Not Better, because I like my high chrome rollbars. Got to drive it to love it. GO Topless!

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